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The Hornet Comic Stories Reviews Page

Welcome to the new reviews page for Hornet stories! Each of the reviews below has as an introduction to the story, writer and artist information (if known) and any other interesting trivia titbits. Each review is rounded off with a complete episode(s) from that story. It is hoped that the review will give the reader a flavour of each story and of the various characters.

The lastest reviews have been posted below. For previous reviews please refer to the lower part of the page.

Last updated December 2020.


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Victor Index.
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Hotspur story reviews.
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Previous Hornet comic Stories Reviews

Please note that the reviews are arranged A to Z by title. Words in the title such as 'the' have been ignored as far as the A to Z arrangement is concerned. For example, the title 'The Blazing Ace of Space' has been indexed under 'B' and can be found in the A to L reviews section.

SPOILER ALERT - Please note that the reviews of the various strips below outline storylines and conclusions of each series.

A to L reviews.

Bring 'em Back Barney.
Bring 'em Back Barney
WW1 drama/humour.
The Bent Copper. A Hornet story.
The Bent Copper -
  • (Police).
  • The Big Palooka. A tough police series.
    The Big Palooka. -
  • (police).
  • The Blazing Ace of Space. A WW2 R.A.F. Hornet story.
    The Blazing Ace of Space -
  • (WW2 RAF).
  • Bernard Briggs.
    Buffalo Boy. A Hornet western.
    Buffalo Boy -
  • (Western).
  • Cast, Hook and Strike.
    Cast, Hook
    & Strike.
    Eleven Little Soccer Boys.
    Eleven Little Soccer Boys -
  • (Football).
  • The Floating Man. A Hornet story.
    The Floating Man -
  • (Victorian adventure).
  • The Flying Tiger. A WW2 RAF story.
    The Flying Tiger.
  • (WW2 RAF).
  • Mister Frozen Face.
    Mister Frozen -

    'G' of the Secret Service.
    'G' of the Secret
  • Service.
  • The Galloping Ghost. Grapnel Gripp. A humorous Hornet story.
    Grapnel Gripp -
  • (Humour).
  • Harry the Hitch. A humorous Hornet story.
    Harry the Hitch -
  • (Humour).
  • The Hornet's letter Page.
    The Hornet's letter Page.

    Hornet Short Stories.
    Hornet Short.
    The Hover Rovers.
    The Hover Rovers.
    The Incredible Manny Kritch
    The Incredible Manny Kritch
  • (football).
  • Inspector Jellicoe, humorous police stories. A Hornet adventure.
    Inspector Jellicoe -
  • (Police humour).
  • The Island of Lost Champions.
    The Island of Lost Champions.
  • athletic adventure.
  • Jonah.
    Jonah - (Humour).
    The Phantom Fliers.

    The Limping Man.
    The Limping Man -
  • (WW2 Intelligence).
  • Lost Gold of the Haunted Canyons.
    The Lost Gold of
    the Haunted


    M to Z reviews.

    The Man's a Marvel!
    The Man's a Marvel! -
  • (Western).
  • Marmadukes Commandos.
    Marmadukes Commandos -
  • WW2 Army/humour.
  • Mountie Muldoon. A Hornet story.
    Mountie Muldoon - (Humour).
    Nickel. The Ninety-Minute Nelsons.
    The Ninety-Minute
    Nelsons / football.
    Nightingale Nobbs. A Hornet story.

    Nightingale Nobbs - (wrestling).

    The One Pip Wonder.
    The One Pip Wonder.
    WW2 Army.
    The Phantom Fliers.
    The Phantom
    Phil the First. A humorous Hornet story.
    Phil the First - (Humour).
    Run Till You Drop.
    Run Till You Drop -
  • Adventure.
  • Sergeant Morgan.
    Sergeant Sixty. Policeman of the future.
    Sergeant Sixty -
  • (police).
  • Shark Squad.
    Slade of the Pony Express.
    Slade of the
    Pony Express.
    Spring-Heeled Jack.
    Spring-Heeled Jack.
    Victorian crime.
    Special Squad - a WW2 series.
    Special Squad -
  • WW2 Army (Far East).
  • Greg Stewart - Special Agent. Swordsman of the Queen.
    Swordsman of
    the Queen.

    The Team From Trisidium. A humorous football story.
    The Team From
    (Football humour).
    Todger the Dodger.
    Todger the
    V For Vengeance.
    V For
    Vengeance of the Snowwolf. A Hornet story.
    Vengeance of the
    Snow Wolf
    (WW2 Norway)
    The War of the Wasps. A Hornet story.
    The War of
    the Wasps

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