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The Victor Comic Stories Reviews Page

Welcome to the reviews page for Victor stories! Each of the reviews below has as an introduction to the story, writer and artist information (if known) and any other interesting trivia titbits. Each review is rounded off with a complete episode(s) from that story. It is hoped that the review will give the reader a flavour of each story and of the various characters.

The lastest reviews have been posted below. For previous reviews please refer to the lower part of the page.

Last updated September 2019.

Rocky Road to Spain
Rocky Road
to Spain

The Mark of

Tyler's Task
Gladiators of the Desert.


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Previous Victor comic Stories Reviews

Please note that the reviews are arranged A to Z by title. Words in the title such as 'the' have been ignored as far as the A to Z arrangement is concerned. For example, the title 'The Man with the Brazen Mask' has been indexed under 'M' and can be found in the M to Z reviews section.

SPOILER ALERT - Please note that the reviews of the various strips below outline storylines and conclusions of each series.

A to L reviews.

The Aussies
Are Here
The Battalion - A complete Victor text story.
The Battalion
text story (WW1).

The Black Rider.
The Black Rider
  • WW1 Secret Agent.
  • Blade of Jonathan Blake
    Blade of Jonathan
  • Blake
  • Cleverty's Scouts

    Behind the Crimson Door. A Victor football story.
    Behind the Crimson Door -
  • a football story.
  • The Bombs with the Purple Stripe. A Victor story.

    The Bombs with
    the Purple Stripe
    (WW2 Army).

    Braddock -
  • (WW2 RAF).
  • The Bring-em-Back Boys. A Victor story.
    The Bring-'em-Back Boys -
  • (WW2 RAF).
  • Send For the B Team.
    Send For
  • The B Team.
  • The Bubble. A Victor story.

    The Bubble - (Sci-fi).

    Cadman - the Fighting Coward.
    Cadman - the Fighting
  • Coward - (WW1 action).
  • Cecil, the Stone-Age Scrapper.
    Cecil, the Stone-Age
  • Scrapper -
  • (boxing/humour).
  • Charlie and the Bossman.
    Charlie and
  • the Bossman.
  • adventure.
  • The Coming of the Bugaboo. A Victor story.
    The Coming of
    the Bugaboo.
    Crib Carson - fighter. A Victor story.
    Crib Carson - boxing.
    Charlie the Tester. A Victor story.
    Charlie the
    Tester - (Humour).
    Countdown to Oblivion.
    Countdown to Oblivion
  • anti-terrorist
  • operation.

  • The Deputy of Colorado Springs
    The Deputy of
    Colorado Springs.
    Duke Farlow
    Is it Cricket? and Howzatt??. Two Victor stories.

    Is it Cricket?

    Daniel Mendoza.
    Daniel Mendoza -
  • (sport / bare-knuckle
  • fighting).
  • The Dragon Flag. A Victor story.
    The Dragon Flag -
  • (Victorian adventure).
  • The Amazing Mr. Eel
  • Mr. Eel.
  • The Fear From Furthest Space
    The Fear
    From Furthest

    Figaro! - (Humour).

    Fighting Tom Cochrane.
    Fighting Tom Cochrane -
  • (Napoleonic naval action).
  • The Fights of the Strong-Box Man.
    The Fights of the
  • Strong-Box Man -
  • (adventure/bare-knuckle
  • fighting).
  • Feuding Finnegan.
    Feuding Finnegan.
  • adventure/humour.
  • Force Five! A Victor story.
    Force Five! -
  • counter-terrorist
  • team.
  • Fred Kay's Crazy Railroad. A Victor story.
    Fred Kay's Crazy
    Railroad - (WW2).
    The Galloping Gunners.
    The Galloping Gunners.
    (colonial war).

    The Gentle
    Gorgeous Gus. A Victor story.
    Gorgeous Gus-(football).
    Hork the Hunter.

    Hork the Hunter - (Sci-fi).

    Hotfoot Harry
    The Iron Three
    The Iron
    Island of no Return. A Victor story.
    Island of no Return
    (WW2 POW).
    Joe Bones.

    Joe Bones - (WW2).

    Johnny Hop.

    Johnny Hop
    (Australian Police).

    The Khaki Policeman
    The Khaki
  • Policeman.
  • Licence to Steal. A Victor story.
    Licence to Steal


    M to Z reviews.

    The Red -
  • macgregor.
  • Marshall of Magnon.

    Marshall of Magnon -
    (Police / Sci-fi).

    The Man with the Brazen Mask. A Victor story.
    The Man with the
    Brazen Mask

    The Menace
    Beneath the Sea.

    The Menace
    In Pit 19.
    Mick Muggins
    Mick Muggins.

    Sergeant Millar - A Victor story.
    Sergeant Millar - (WW1).
    Neilson in the Floating Mine. A Victor story.

    Neilson in the
    Floating Mine - (WW2).

    The Monster of Loch Neill
    The Monster
    of Loch Neill.
    Morgyn the Mighty
    Morgyn the
  • Mighty
  • No War For Wilbur
    No War
    For Wilbur.

    One Page

    The Pillow Champ
    The Pillow
    Captain Prouty
  • Prouty.
  • Chell Puddock
    Chell Puddock.
    The Queen's Cowboys. A Victor story.
    The Queen's Cowboys -
  • (Canadian Mounties).
  • The Rafferty Plan. A Victor story.
    The Rafferty Plan - (WW2).
    The Red Rangers
    The Red

    Red Star Roberts.
    Red Star Roberts
  • crime fighting
  • (adventure).
  • Mister Roly-Poly
  • Roly-Poly.

  • Rudge of the

    Saul Sands
    Schoolboy Spy
    boy Spy.

    The Secrets of Section Six.
    The Secrets
    of Section Six -
    Sergeant Samson's Scrapbook
    Sergeant Samson's
  • Scrapbook -
  • (police).
  • The Seventh Mission. A Victor story.
    The Seventh Mission -
  • (WW2).
  • Shiwa Sands - the boy hunter. A Victor story.
    Shiwa Sands
    the boy hunter.
    (African adventure).
    The Smasher. A Victor story.
    The Smasher - (Sci-fi).
    Sniper Dennison.
    Sniper Dennison -
  • (WW2 Army).

  • The Snow



    The War of the Second Best Guns.
    The War of the
    Second Best Guns -
    (WW2 Army).
    spywatcher -
  • Secret Service.
  • The Star Seekers
    The Star
    Steelhead Sam. A Victor story.
  • Steelhead Sam -
  • (adventure)

  • Stockwhip

    Stokehold Joe


    Stone of the Secret Service. A Victor story.

    Stone of the
    Secret Service.

    Tales of the Pony Express
    Tales of the
  • Pony Express.
  • The 'Tec Nobody Knew
    The 'Tec Nobody
    Ticker Turner.
    Ticker Turner -
  • (WW2 Army/humour).
  • Toad-in-the-Hole
    The Town Tamers.
    The Town Tamers
  • western.
  • Alf Tupper, Tough of the Track.
    Alf Tupper,
    Tough of the

    The White
    Will O' The Whistle.
    Will O' The
  • Whistle -
  • (adventure).
  • The Wild Colonial Boy. A Victor story.
    The Wild
    Colonial Boy.

    Wings of War
    Wings of
    The wonder Man.
    The Wonder Man -
  • (adventure).
  • The Evil Eye of the Little Yellow God
    The Evil Eye
    of the Little
    Yellow God


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