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Welcome to The Victor 50th anniversary page. Here you will find an illustrated time-line of The Victor comic. In addition pages from other parts of the site have been added which can be accessed via the buttons below.

A new interview with Roddie Watt who worked on The Victor for a couple of years and then went onto script writing for The Beano as well as other comics has been added to the interviews page. To read the interview click on the microphone button below.

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Victor Index.

The Victor Index.

Victor story reviews. Front cover of issue 278. 
Artwork by Ted Rawlings. © D.C. Thomson & Co. Ltd

Victor story reviews.

The Victor annual page, 1977 front cover. Artist Kennedy.

The Victor annual page.

The Victor Summer Special page. Artist Kennedy.

The Victor Summer Special page.

Hornet story reviews. Front cover 
of issue 13. 
Artwork unknown. © D.C. Thomson & Co. Ltd

Hornet story reviews.

Hornet Index.

Hornet Index.

Red Dagger review. © D.C. Thomson & Co. Ltd

Red Dagger review pages.

History of the Victor and the Hornet.
A brief history of the Victor
  • and the Hornet comics.
  • Interviews with editorial 
staff, artists and writers.
    Interviews page
    Identify the artist
    Identify the
  • artist page
  • Front cover of the Silver Jubilee, The Victor, issue 1305.
    The Victor Silver Jubilee issue

    For articles about the artists Ted Rawlings, Leo Rawlings, Harry Farrugia, overseas readers memories of The Victor, Victoria Cross medal winners stories told in pictures and other pieces, please visit the Articles page via the link below.

    Victor Hornet comic articles.
    Victor Hornet comic articles


    An Illustrated Time-line for The Victor Comic from 1961 to 2012.

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