Ian Kennedy, artist.

&Courier newspaper.

Above Ian Kennedy. Image from the Courier newspaper. Copyright Courier Newspaper, Dundee.

Ian Kennedy, for British readers of a certain age, won't need much of an introduction to this artist's very impressive and brilliant artwork. For those of you who haven't heard of him or his work, you are in for a treat! Kennedy's work especially his booklet covers for Commando are vibrant, action-packed, with areoplanes, vehicles and ships all accurately drawn and colourful. Think of any great comics artist and for my money Kennedy is up there with the best. Top of the Premier League of artists without a doubt.

For further examples of Ian's Commando front covers please click on the link - Commando covers.

About a year or so ago I sent a series of questions via the D.C. Thomson Commando Dugout to Ian Kennedy. Ian very kindly answered my questions in a letter, which is reproduced below. I was hoping to include further work of Ian's, before posting this interview, but I'll add other images as time allows. Enjoy.

My thanks to Calum Laird at the Commando Dugout.

Kennedy page one. © Kennedy
Kennedy page one
Kennedy page two. © Kennedy
Kennedy page two
Kennedy page three. © Kennedy
Kennedy page three
Kennedy page four. © Kennedy
Kennedy page four

Below, eight Commando front covers. Artist Ian Kennedy. Copyright D.C. Thomson Co. (My apologies for the poor reproduction quality of the images below. It might have something to do with the way the Commando front covers have been printed possibly).

© D.C. Thomson Co.

© D.C. Thomson Co.

© D.C. Thomson Co.

© D.C. Thomson Co.

Below are links to other pages on this website that feature Kennedy artwork. These include the picture Hotspur series, I Fought in the Battle of Britain and the Victor annuals and Summer Special front covers.

I Fought in the Battle of Britain.
I fought in
the Battle
of Britain.
The Victor annual page, 1977 front cover. Artist Kennedy.
The Victor annual page.
The Victor Summer Special page. Artist Kennedy.
The Victor Summer Special page.

Artist Ian Kennedy. © D.C. Thomson Co. Ltd

Above - Kennedy's visually, exciting front cover of Nick Jolly for the D.C. Thomson Hotspur annual 1986.

Below left, a page from a War Picture Library booklet Steelbats, issue 959. And on the right, another page from War Picture Library issue 770, Birds of Prey. Copyright IPC Magazines Ltd.

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