Crib Carson - Fighter. A boxing strip from The Victor.

See The Victor issues 218 to 229 (24th April to 10th July 1965).

Writer:- The Victor editorial team. Artist:- Frederick Philpotts.

Main cast:- Crib Carson.

Time period:- 1960's.

Sporting strips were very popular in both comics with a football series being published in almost every issue. Boxing strips (by my reckoning anyway), seemed to be the second most popular with readers. Although not all of the characters who appeared in The Victor were whiter, than white. And that's the case with the character in this strip. Carson was a boxer aiming for the big time and quite happily cheated every week, by using various questionable dodges to distract his opponent in the boxing ring. For example pretending to injure his hand before a fight or putting doubt in an opponent's mind, which would allow Carson to gain the upper hand in the fight.

Carson was also good at self promoting himself with crowds, fighting promoters and the newspaper journalists. He finally got his come-uppance in the end by using one trick too many in the ring and being disqualified. All that was left for Carson after that was the unemployment queue. What should have been a brilliant boxing career ended in shame. For Crib was a natural fighter and didn't need to resort to tricks in order to win. The moral of the story being, cheats don't prosper.

Philpotts art may not be to everyone's liking, but I enjoy his artwork. He also drew all of the V for Vengeance strips in The Hornet.

The following Carson adventure is from issue 219, in which we see Carson using one or two 'tricks' to ensure that he has the edge over his boxing opponent.

Artist Philpotts. © D.C. Thomson Co. Ltd Artist Philpotts. © D.C. Thomson Co. Ltd Artist Philpotts. © D.C. Thomson Co. Ltd

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