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Story no. 100 Takedown - Part One

So after eight years and four months we arrive at issue 100. Much to my surprise and something I'm very impressed with. So where does this series go from here? I'm sixty-one, so creating a further one hundred issues would take me to almost seventy years of age.

And as much as I enjoy working on this comic I feel that another hundred issues is probably not on the cards. There are other things I want to do and creating a monthly comic eats most of the available spare time I have. So I think finishing this series around issue 150, or thereabouts is a fair target to aim at. This will allow me to tie up some loose ends of which there are quite a few. Although I can't guarantee every sub-plot will be resolved.

But that's for the future. What's next? I've decided to set 2022's stories in Yorkton around the seasons, Spring, Summer and so on. In between those issues, there will be other stories on subjects that spring to mind. For example, I still have other stories I want to tell about The Guard in his self-exiled wanderings prior to his return in issue 100. These should have been told before this issue, but I ran out of issues! (And there I was when I reached issue 50 wondering if I had enough stories to tell to get me to issue 100!)

But as Commander Shore in the 1960's children's series Stingray says at the beginning, 'Standyby for action! Anything can happen in the next half-hour.'

Cue music...light the fuse!

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