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Story no. 79 Take a Hike

A The Grey Shadow adventure!

Stories, art and other creative mediums can reflect the times that an author or artist and so on are living through. Which is one of the things that makes looking at art or reading stories from the past interesting. As it provides a glimpse into how people lived in times past.

The Guard series doesn't really do the above as it is mainly created as an entertainment for readers. And for the creator, a way to explore different methods in how to create stories through the medium of LEGO.

But for the next two months this series will be attempting in a small way, to reflect life as we are living it in 2020. (Possibly a year that will be recorded in history, as the year nothing happened or maybe the year everything changed).

This world's generation (especially those in settled countries who have never known war or social upheaval), are currently living through a time which will test us all mentally and physically as we haven't been tested before. (Like everyone else, I can't really believe we are in this situation). The world will come through this, the human spirit to survive is strong.

So this month's (and hopefully next month's story if I can get it finished in time), focuses on a flu outbreak in the Guard's world, in one city, New Yorkton. The aim of the stories is to highlight the safety messages and not to point fingers. (And if fingers are to be pointed, you need to have a full understanding and knowledge of a subject so to make correct and reasonable arguements to support your point(s) of view. Which is something I don't have for areas such as medicine or politics or in loads of other subjects for that matter).

Sadly, comics like any other medium can be a force for good or evil. (Nazi Germany for example). Here at Green Lion Comics, I am definitely on the side of good.

So whilst this is a slight deviation from the normal stories I do, it should hopefully still be entertaining for readers and it has certainly been a creative challenge for me. And if anyone reads these stories at some point in the future, at least two issues will provide a slight glimpse into these unwanted historic events from 2020.

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