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Guard Story No.3 - - Jack and Jill. (Published September 2013).

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I enjoyed putting together this story. Eisner told many stories from the ordinary man in the street's point of view. His hero The Spirit would make a brief appearance or no appearance at all in the episode. The story below is my attempt at this type of tale. With naturally a railway theme.

Hopefully, if I've paced the story correctly, readers will be wondering where Jack is telling his and Jill's story and who was hit by the train. And does that character to the left have a part to play in this story? These questions being slowly answered as the story moves along. Clues being provided for the reader. And it is only on the final page that these questions are answered. And in case there is any doubt in the reader's mind, yes, Jill does die of her injuries. (Sob!) I couldn't quite get the line either side of the surgeon's head in the correct position. But she is shaking her head.

This story's theme is 'torn from today's headlines' as the more sensational newspapers would put it. Cable theft from the railways in the UK (and possibly in other countries around the world), is a big problem, causing massive train and passenger delays. [Update - apparently cable theft has always been a problem for the railways. With the crime being prevalent in earlier decades and centuries]. But a problem that Britain's railway today are slowly winning using new techniques and pushing a new bill through the UK Parliament.

It's cables that the three characters are carrying in the first panel on the first page.

I should explain for non UK readers that Jack and Jill is a children's nursery rhyme, which does have other verses and variations. But the most common verse sung is the first -

Finally, this story like all of the others in this series has been syndicated in newspapers around the world. I've chosen to publish this version of the story from the West Indies Telegraph newspaper.

Overall, I'm quite pleased with how this story was put together. Very pleased with the jewel heist scene, Jack and Sam's reflection in the mirror and so on. It's difficult with Lego mini-figures to create expressions and attitudes, but I've tried to convey these where I can in this story. It would appear that having four by two panels maximum on a portrait page, works well. With the Lego figures looking as they should. I've only published three Guard stories, but this sad story is my favourite so far.

Those who are keen Lego fans will have spotted several series 11 minifigs appearing in this story.

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