The Royal Gurkha Rifles Camp Flag. Flag courtesy of

The Royal Gurkha Rifles Camp Flag.

Updated 21st May 2009.

The retired Gurkhas have won their case against the Government to be allowed the right to settle in Britain.

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Gurkha settlement in UK victory secured, 21st May 2009.

Please visit the website set up by Joanna Lumley to help advertise the Gurkhas plight Gurkha Justice for further information.

For further information about the Gurkhas please visit the following BBC page:-

Gurkhas in Kent today.

Brief background information

The Gurkha soldiers are from Nepal, a country in the Himalayas between China (Tibet) and India. The Gurkhas have served in the British Indian Army since 1815. They were at one time the enemies of the British East India Company (a trading company), but so impressed were the company by the soldier's courage that they recruited Gurkhas into their own service. The name Gurkha comes from the valley of Gurkha in West Nepal. Since 1947 the soldiers have served in the Brigade of Gurkhas. These tough, resourceful and cheerful troops have played their part in all of the major conflicts that Britain have been involved in. This includes both world wars, The Falklands, Iraq and Afghanistan. Thirteen Victoria Crosses (V.C.s) have been won by the Gurkhas over the years. For further information please visit the official Gurkhas website. (Note an additional thirteen VCs have been won by British officers serving with the Gurkhas.)

The crossed Kukri knives depicted on the flag is used as a tool and a weapon by the Gurkhas. These heavy, curved knives are a cross between a knife and an axe. There are two main types, one with a thinner blade used for warfare and another wider, thicker one, for woodwork purposes. The Victor and Hornet front and end covers below give several examples of the true fighting stories of Gurkhas told for an audience of boys. Hopefully these stories will act as a reminder to us today of what these fierce and loyal soldiers have done in fighting for, defending and dying for this country.

Please note that due to the condition of some of these comics the scans are not as clear as I would like.

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Brigade of Gurkhas, British Army.


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