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Index last updated - NOVEMBER 2017

WARNING - This index has story plot spoilers, if you haven't read some of the stories.

An A to Z index to the Guard series, with entries for characters, places, events and stories.


Note - words in italics indicate that there is a separate entry for that person, place and so on in the index.
AS1 refers to the Autumn Special 1.
A hash sign followed by a number and the story title for example, #1 Snookered refers to the issue number of the story.


Advertisements for Green Lion Comics publications -
Another Time, Another Place - Stories in this series take a character out of their normal time line and places him or her into a different time period.

  • Arctic Station Napier - A British run scientific research base situated in the Arctic. The crew changes every so often.
  • Army stories -
  • Army Blues, The - an humorous series that was first published in the first issue of The Guard comic. The series was short lived.

    Ashton, Ensign - A junior officer in the Royal Space Force and a member of the English Captain's crew.

  • Auntie Claus - In the Yorkton Christmas Panto, she plays the Auntie to her nephew the Naughty Santa Claus. This actress Lady Judith Tench was once married to the Naughty Santa Claus actor in real life. It wasn't a successful marriage.
  • Autumn Customs, Strange British - features four British traditional customs including -


  • Backpacker, The No name, just an extra who appears in different stories every now and then.
  • Ballinabricky - A Lego comic created by Anthony Valentino. Ballinabricky is a fictional town set just west of Cashel, Tipperary in 1936. The population includes many famous figures from Ireland’s literary past…whether they were around in 1936 or not.
  • Barlow, Janette - regarded as a leading practitioner in the field of railway science, with a specific interest in the use of metals in the railway industry. (Note - Barlow is not related to the real life railway engineer W.H. Barlow (1812 - 1902) of the Midland Railway, England. He invented among many other things, Barlow Rail.
  • Batman - a fictional character from the DC Comics world.
  • Battenburg, the Principality of - A small landlocked Principality (country), ruled by the eldest Prince of the ruling family. The Principality is regarded as a country in its own right and is about the size of Scotland, with mountains, forests and lakes. The nation's flag is a chequered pink-and-yellow squares, against a light yellow background. Visitors to the country have said it is like stepping back into the 1920's, 30's. This is an image that the country likes to encourage. But the country does keep up with the rest of Europe.

  • Bero - a Canadian pilot, who flys cargo and passengers between North Ontario and Arctic Station Napier. He's also a small-time petty thief, who was caught by McGill after he started stealing money from the scientists at Napier.
  • Big Red - A troublesome lumberjack, who enjoys causing trouble and mayhem. Operates out of the small town of Snowy Bay, Northern Ontario, Canada. Meets The Guard for the first time, during a fight with Albert on top of a moving train. Big Red pushs Albert off the train after the latter slips on some snow. The resulting fall causes Albert to lose his memory.
  • Black Swans - Volume one collecting stories 1 to 12 of the Guard's adventures.
  • Bonnor, Dr. Eugene - Geologist at Arctic Station Napier.

    Bo’sun - The English Captain’s right hand man. Has been with the Captain through many a hazardous mission. Can fix any type of mechanical machine. Has over twenty years experience of being in the Royal Space Force. The stories are set in an alternative Victorian Steam Punk era. This series was first published in the very first issue of The Guard.

  • British Intelligence - The organisation's motto is, Intelligence We Trust. The head of this shadowy organisation is known by the codename, Walsingham. The crown signifies King and country, the oak leaves endurance, strength and bravery. The service operates worldwide.
  • Buckeye - a henchman and associate of Penny Fair. Buckeye is a railway term and refers to a type of train / passenger / wagon coupling. The Ohio state in America is known as the Buckeye state, as this was where the coupling was originally marketed.
  • Bull, Patrolman Ed - A patrolman who works out of the New Yorkton Central Railway Precinct. Has over fifteen years experience of police work. Tends to be wary of people, due to being shot several years ago. He can be brash and impatient with people. A colleague of Patrolman Joe Madison
  • 'Bully Boy' - leader of a gang of rough, tough Teddy Boys.
  • Bunt, Syd - Vehicle Mechanic and Airfield Clearance at Arctic Station Napier. Likes to bend the rules slightly by playing poker with Ronald 'Ron' Douglas. Gambling is frowned upon at the station.


  • C & C - City and Country Railway.
  • Calderbank - a English Civil Servant who is mad about cricket. Usually to be found in the company of Charteris These two characters tend to provide light relief in a story.
  • Canadian set stories
  • Caretaker - works mainly at the Yorkton City Hall. Tends to have mainly cameo parts in a story.
  • Charles, Sir - head of British Intelligence during the Great War
  • Charteris - a English Civil Servant who is mad about cricket. Usually to be found in the company of Calderbank These two characters tend to provide light relief in a story.
  • Chellow, Winifred - Research Assistant Geologist at Arctic Station Napier.
  • Cherry Blossom Lady - A Geisha lady working for a criminal Hong Kong based triad. Her fan always obscures the right side of her face. Is known to occasionally quote haiku poems. Possibly related to Victor Lam?
    Cheung Fu - an enforcer for a criminal Hong Kong based triad. Holds a grudge against Victor Lam. Cheung believes he is the better fighter.

  • Chinese Far Eastern Steamship Co. - One of the 'big four' of the Yorkton Guild Merchants.
  • Chinese Curio shop A Chinese shop in the centre of Yorkton, stuffed full to the rafters with all sorts of curio's and knick knacks, including sound boxes. The shop tends to be well hidden and customers tend to stumble upon it accidentally. The owner of the shop is a chinaman with at present no name.
  • Christmas / snow stories
  • City and Country Railway (C & C) - The railway that employs Albert Copperwaite amongst others. Also known affectionally as the Comfort and Calm Railway.
    Claus, Auntie see Auntie Claus.
  • Claw, The - A costumed criminal who robs banks for money. In reality he is Henry Wade. Captured by The Grey Shadow and The Guard.
  • Clowns - A gang of bank robbers working in New Yorkton, America. Has a run in with The Grey Shadow.
  • Co-Operative Fishing Co. - One of the 'big four' of the Yorkton Guild Merchants.
  • Coffin Ship, The - story outline - A three part story in collobration with Anthony Valentino's Ballinabricky Lego Comic. The Guard travels to Ireland to locate and return the Coffin Ship painting stolen from the Yorkton Museum by the Will O' the Wisps gang. Note - a reference to the painting was made in the Guard Tales - #21 Race For Life.
  • Comfort and Calm Railway - an affectionate nickname provided by the railway's passengers and the newspapers to the City and Country Railway.
  • Copperwaite, Albert - The hero of our story and a railway guard for the City and Country Railway, (C&C). Also dons a mask to fight crime as The Guard.
  • Cotton, Private - soldier serving in the North Yorktonshire, 1st Battalion, B Company, No.4 Platoon during the Great War. Current whereabouts not known after the events told in The Patrol story, assuming he survived.
  • Cutter - Leader of the York Docks gang.


  • Dangerous Journeys Volume Three which collects stories 23 to 32 of The Guards and Grey Shadow's adventures.
  • Danish Station Master - an amateur Danish railwayman who occasionally fights crime on the Danish railways in disguise. No other details are known about him at present. Reports about him appear in the Danish Despatch newspaper.
  • Dantis - an Fritzrovian top enemy field agent. The equalivent of a British Intelligence Utility Man. Highly trained, Dantis is dangerous and a killer. Is known to have killed Mason in Cairo, Egypt. (Dantis is a Prussian word for tooth).
  • Davis, Ray - a mysterious, cloaked snooker player who plays exhibition matches. In fact this is another occasional alias used by Albert Copperwaite. Davis is managed by Barry Earner.
  • Delarosa Jnr, Captain - In charge of the New Yorkton Central Railway Precinct. Known for his fiery outbursts.
  • Destinations Unknown - Tentative title for volume six which will collect stories 51 to 60.
  • De Vere, Professor Florence - Scientist in charge at Arctic Station Napier. Meteorology is her speciality. Asks McGill to investigate the theft of money from the base.
  • Dewey - a mischievous character who makes his money through gambling with cards. (He's happy to cheat when playing cards if necessary). Not an out and out villain, but he does sail very close to the wind as regards breaking the law. Attempts to con Albert out of some of his money, but is out played, losing $170.00 in the process. Does learn that 'the limey' as Dewey calls Albert, is also The Guard. But he doesn't know Albert's real name - yet. Decides not to use the information (for the time being), as The Guard saved his life by stopping a runaway stagecoach.
  • De Winter, Grace - works as a police forensic officer in New Yorkton City, America, for the New Yorkton Central Railway Precinct. De Winter is also secretly The Grey Shadow.
  • Dolman, Police Constable - A Yorkton Police Officer with seven years experience. Served with the Royal Air Force (RAF) in the final two years of The Great War as an aircraft mechanic. A loyal, resourceful (and it has to be said scruffy) officer. Dolam was never impressed by District Superintendent Ferriby. But is solidly behind District Superintendent Harrow, who Dolman believes is an excellent commanding officer.
  • Douglas, Ronald 'Ron' - Handy man and cook at Arctic Station Napier. Likes to play poker with Syd Bunt, which is against the rules of the station.
  • Drake's Wheel - a small town on the branch line to Hoppley Wood.
  • Duval, Jacques - A French Canadian lumberjack who goes on to become a professional boxing champion, in somewhat suspicious circumstances. Lost an eye in a woodcutting incident. Boxed in a money fight against Robert Finlayson, when both men were working as lumberjacks. Duval, a mean character, took offence at losing and swore to get even with Finlayson. Years later he got his revenge by knocking out Finlayson in a professional boxing championship fight. His win wasn't without controversy, as Finlayson died. Duval disappeared shortly after the fight. McGill has sworn to bring Duval to justice.


  • Earner, Barry - Snooker manager and promoter. Occasionally employs Albert Copperwaite (as Ray Davis), to play Snooker exhibition matches. The only character in the series not to be represented by a Lego figure, because his appearances will be very infrequent and probably just be a voice at the other end of a telephone.

    En-Haut, Mademoiselle Ajouter - a 17th century direct ancestor of The Tallyman, in an alternative, parallel world. The Guard saves her from arrest, but at the time isn’t aware of who she is. Her surname is made of French words meaning Add up. Over time the name changed to Tallyman.


    English Captain, The – an adventure story that was first published in the first issue of The Guard comic. A long running steam-punk series. A Captain of Her Majesty’s Royal Space Force. Lost an eye during a Martian Expedition. The Captain now has a glass eye, which can also analyse gases, clouds and has other features. He is in command of H.M.S. ?. The stories are set in an alternative Victorian Steam Punk era.

  • EVE - stands for Electro Verbal E-messenger. Tranquility Base's talking computer system that controls everything. As the name suggests EVE speaks with a female voice.


  • Fafferton, Sam - Another small time crook who is actually making money through horse-racing and gambling. Agrees to work with Jack to show him the 'ropes'. Along with Jack and Jill he trespasses on the railway in order to steal cables. The events of that night will forever haunt Sam. Currently spending time in jail at Her Majesty's Pleasure. Sam surname is a from a slang phrase - faffing around. Which means not achieving anything.
  • Fair, Penny see Penny Fair.
  • Ferriby, District Superintendent Edmund - Topham's immediate new superior. Nearing retirement, he doesn't want to blot his clean (and so far), unremarkable police record. Has won the Police Officer of the Year Award, a record three times in a row. This award doesn't cut much ice with the hard-working rank and file officers.
  • Finlayson, Robert - father to Mary McGill, nee Finlayson. A boxer all his life. Finlayson died in suspicious circumstances.
  • First Meeting #10 - a Guard Tales story. Essentially, an introduction to some of the police officers working at Yorkton Station. Also introduces District Superintendent Ferriby, Inspector Topham's immediate superior.
  • Flat Cap A new young hero who appears in the late 1950's. Gains experience in crime fighting from The Guard. Real name Raymond St. John, who works as a lamplighter.
  • Fleming, Peter author of The Kill, the short story that was adapted as a Hallowe'en story related by The Guard.
  • Flying Bobby, The - nickname for Police Constable Terret.
  • Foxy - retired former pilot working for British Intelligence, flying agents and others in and out of occupied Europe during the Great War. Now married to Molly Wilberfoss. He proposed to her after an altercation with some Teddy Boys on a train journey. Lives in Yorkton.
  • Frank (no surname as yet), is a porter for the C&C Railway. All we know about him at present is that he likes a drink or two and he doesn't take life to seriously.
    Fritzrovia a large, western European militaristic country that fought against the Allies during 1930 to 1935.  Five years of conflict which 
    resulted in a stalemate.  Today, the country has an uneasy relationship with some its neighbouring countries and with those countries it fought against 
    in the Great War. 
  • Fu, Cheung Fu - see Cheung Fu.
  • Fusiliers, North Yorktonshire see North Yorktonshire Fusiliers.


  • Game of Patience, A. #22 - A British Intelligence Utility Man Operative story, in which Albert gains further experience when Turkish criminals intercept a briefcase from a contact, instead of Albert. It's then up to George and Albert to retrieve the briefcase if they can.

  • Games - games that were published in the Guard comic.
  • Genie - plays a trainee genie in the Yorkton Christmas Panto.
  • George - British Intelligence Utility Man operative stationed mainly in Istanbul, Turkey during the Great War. Speaks fluent Turkish. (His mother is turkish, father a British businessman). The family lived in the country during George's youth. George is in his late forties by the end of the war.
  • Great War, The This terrible conflict was fought between the Allies and Fritzrovia between October 1930 and October 1935. Five bloody years of conflict which resulted in a stalemate.
    Green Lion Comics Investigations - factual articles that explore common, but possibly not thought about much, subjects.   
  • Greene, Sergeant based at Yorkton Railway Station. An experienced, respected and knowledgeable officer with over twenty years service.
  • Grey works in Operations on Tranquility Base. He's one of the characters on the base who does know what he is doing and is an essential cog in the efficient running of the base. Rank not currently known, (assuming he even has one).
  • Grey Shadow, The - costumed crime fighter in New Yorkton City, America. In reality she is Grace De Winter who works as a forensic officer for the New Yorkton Central Railway Police. The Grey Shadow has no super powers.

    The Grey Shadow operates from her forensic officer at the New Yorkton Central Railway Precinct. Access to her garage and lair is via a secret sliding door disguised as a bookcase in De Winter's office. An old lift (fully restored), transports the Grey Shadow swiftly down to the sub-basement. During the journey down De Winter changes into The Grey Shadow. A selection of equipment available to her in the lift includes smoke bombs, guns and a vehicle tracking gun. Waiting in the garage is her main mode of transport, her motorbike. She also has access to other vehicles.

    Note - the now infamous Grey Shadow issue 666 has never been re-printed and is much sought-after by collector's.    
  • Griffiths, 'Taff' (taffy is a form of address for a Welshman. But Griffith's has somewhere along the line had this shortened to Taff). A British Intelligence service legend. Formally a Grade 1 Utility Man Operative before later becoming Head of Training (Operations). Served as a Utility Operative before, during and (briefly) after The Great War.
  • Grisdale & Lyle Co. - One of the 'big four' of the Yorkton Guild Merchants.
  • Grisdale, John - first chairman of the City and Country Railway.
  • Grisdale, Sir Robert - Current Chairman of the York Guild Merchants as of the late 1940's. A grandson of John Grisdale who was the first chairman of the City & Country Railway. Owner of the Grisdale & Lyle Co.
  • Gruffy, Eustace a railway porter for the City and Country Railway, based mainly in Yorkton, but occasionally works at other stations as required. Not the cheerest of people, Eustace is known to be grumpy more often than not. Assists Ray Davis, the snooker player at times.
  • Guard, The - our hero. In reality, Albert Copperwaite, railway guard. The Guard has a secret headquarters in...a disused Guards van! Where else? His origin story is still shrouded in mystery. (Well only some of it is now. I've written the first part, it just needs to be 'drawn').
  • Guard, Robin - is an ancestor of Albert Copperwaite, The Guard who lived in Medieval times. This series of stories has no connection to the main series. Also stars Whistle and Miles Vane. Albert Copperwaite plays his ancestor in the panto, A Spot of Bother at the North Pole.

  • Guard, The - comic publishing history -
  • Guard Comics History, A - #25 in which two young children having to spend time indoors due to bad weather work, enjoy re-reading past adventures of The Guard and The Grey Shadow. Includes the very first Guard story published, a Guard game and the origin story of The Grey Shadow.
  • Guard, the & Flat Cap - Not much is known about this series, which features these two heroes teaming up to fight crime.
  • Guard Tales# - a series of short, short stories about the characters inhabiting the Guard's world. Stories provide information about characters backgrounds, events and so on. The stories don't always feature The Guard.
  • Guard's Van, The - The secret HQ for The Guard is a former Canadian Caboose (in the UK it would be called a Guard's van).


  • Haiku - a Japanese three line poem of usually seventeen syllables (The Oxford English Dictionary 6th edition 1986). Victor Lam and The Cherry Blossom Lady' quote haiku poems. Kobayashi Issa is one such poet.
  • Hallowe'en stories

    Harrow, District Superintendent - a tough, no nonsense police chief. Assigned to Yorkton Railway Police.


    Haut, Mademoiselle Ajouter, En - see En-Haut, Mademoiselle Ajouter.

  • Hillary - Works as a police Forensics Officer for the New Yorkton Central Railway Police. Grace De Winter is her boss. Hillary is also the only other person to know that Grace is The Grey Shadow.
  • Ho, Charles 'Charlie' - owner of one of the Yorkton Guild Merchants (YGM) big four trading companies, operating out of the Yorkton Docks. Sits on the YGM Committee. Runs the Chinese Far Eastern Steamship Co. Ho is a fourth generation Anglo-Chinese merchant.
  • Hollingberry, Fred - British Intelligence's Head of Station, Turkey, during the Great War in the early 1930's. Later rises to become the head of British Intelligence. Has over thirty years experience. The head of this organisation is always known by the codename Walsingham.
  • Holly - a junior foresnic's officer based at the New Yorkton Central Railway Precinct. Doesn't have a very tidy work attitude.
  • Hoppley Wood - a small, charming English town surrounded by woods and lakes. Passengers arrive at the town after a fifty minute journey via a branchline from Yorkton.
  • House, Detective Sergeant Hudson - A member of the detective Railway Police force stationed at Yorkton Station. Doesn't like being made a fool of by the criminal element. House in the past has settled rude comments made to his face, by challenging the person to a fight on the spot. Saved Albert Copperwaite's life on their first meeting. As a result they became firm friends. Being the good detective that he is, he later learned of Albert's secret identity, but has kept this to himself.
    The name Hudson House is an in railway joke.  Hudson refers to George Hudson the railway king and Hudson House refers to a railway office 
    building in York named after him.
  • House of Death - a large house full of traps and clockwork operated, situated in a dodgy part of London, England.
  • London City - The big smoke and capital city of this great nation, that this story is set in. Situated down south.
  • Lone Stranger, The - a masked 'hero', who believes he is helping the fight against crime in the old wild west. In reality, he may well look the part, but is regarded as a nuisance. Everyone is scared stiff of him. Not because of his temper, but because of his reputation of causing mayhem wherever he goes. Number of bad guys caught - none.
  • Lumberjack Bob - Professional boxing name for Robert Finlayson, Mary McGill's father.


  • Mack, Private - soldier serving in the North Yorktonshire, 1st Battalion, B Company, No.4 Platoon during the Great War. A dour Scotsman, Mack was the mine detector expert for the Platoon. Current whereabouts not known after the events told in The Patrol story, assuming he survived.
  • Madison, Patrolman Joe - a policeman based at the New Yorkton Central Railway Station Precinct. Has seven years experience. Easy going, with a dry sense of humour.
  • Mason - a British Intelligence Utility Man Operative, based in Cairo, Egypt. Is killed by Dantis, a Fritzrovian field agent during the Great War. Appears in the series by name only.
  • McGill, Corporal - Grizzled veteran of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). Operates out of the small town of Snowy Bay, Northern Ontario, Canada. Meets The Guard for the first time, when Albert is pushed off a train by Big Red and loses his memory. Both men become firm friends. Married to Mary McGill.
  • McGill, Mary - Wife of Corporal McGill (RCMP). Trained as a nurse, she meets Albert after he was pushed off a train by Big Red and loses his memory. Mary nurses him back to full fitness.
  • Me# - Stories I have made a cameo appearance (as Hitchcock used to do in his films) -
  • Minty - A Yorkton crime boss operating in Yorkton City. Not adverse to killing, he shoots and kills Flatfoot Thomsen who he thinks is The Guard. Was hoping to pull a job with The Tallyman, but was arrested by Sergeant House and convicted.
  • Mole, The - a local name for Yorkton's underground railway system. Yorkton Underground Operated by the C & C Railway the system has two lines, the City and District line and The King's Line. The system was first opened in 1907.
  • Montagu, Dr. - Medical doctor at Arctic Station Napier. A Fritzrovian by birth, he is slightly aloof from his colleagues at the base, possibly due to being on the opposing side during the Great War.


  • Napier - see
  • Naughty Santa Claus - played by a TV soap start, with a drink problem. Essentially, he's playing himself on stage. He's a nephew to his Auntie Claus. Was married to the actress playing the part of Auntie Claus. The marriage wasn't a success.
  • Newspapers - the Guard stories appear in -
  • No. 4 Platoon, North Yorktonshire Fusiliers see North Yorktonshire Fusiliers.
  • North Yorktonshire Fusiliers - An infantry regiment comprised of men from North Yorktonshire. Topham and Tallon were soldiers in the 1st Battalion, B Company, no. 4 platoon. (Albert Copperwaite was a soldier in the 2nd Battalion, A Company, no. 6 Platoon).




  • P.C. stands for Police Constable, a member of a British police force.
  • Paintings - that have been reproduced in Lego and have appeared in stories.
  • Pantomime or Panto definition from the - What’s On Stage website –

  • Parker, Dan - worked at Wade Electronics until fired by Wade, who wanted and does steal his plans. Parker vows revenge, which he doesn't carry out, due to drinking instead. Loses his eyesight after a fracas with Imp. The Grey Shadow rescues Parker from a burning building set alight by Imp. But fails to save his eyesight. A now blind Parker repays The Grey Shadow by telling her about the weaknesses of the costume and vehicle The Claw is using to rob banks.
  • Patrol, The #24 - story outline - A Halloween horror adventure, featuring members of the North Yorktonshire Fusiliers, who set out on a fighting patrol to attack and destroy a troublesome Fritzrovian Artillery unit. We learn how Topham received his facial scar.
  • Pen, Iver A writer for the Yorkton Courier who specialises in local history.
  • Penny Fair - an adventuress always on the lookout for an opportunity to make money, legally or otherwise. Has a soft spot for The Guard. Sometimes plays the part of an innocent, naive young lady. Attempted to rob a stagecoach of its money, but was foiled ironically by The Lone Stranger! Buckeye is one of her henchmen.
  • People of Yorkton - short one of two page biography of a leading person of Yorkton.
  • Peterson (see also Tranquility Base entry) - a not particularly bright astronaut, who nevertheless managed to obtain a job on Tranquility Base. Not known for his scientific experience or skills, but he's always enthusiastic and cheerful.
  • Piper, Constable Edwin - Yorkton Railway Police Officer. Has been a bobby for two years. He isn't liked by Inspector Topham who believes Piper doesn't have the abilities to make a good policeman.
  • Platoon, No. 4, North Yorktonshire Fusiliers see North Yorktonshire Fusiliers.
  • Police Force officers (British and overseas).
  • Poster pin-up -
  • Potts, Evelyne Chen A Chinese / British officer for British Intelligence. Born and raised in Hong Kong. Expert in Surveillance and Head of Station Hong Kong during The Great War. Later Director of Operations, Asia.


  • Race For Life #21 - The Flying Bobby, P.C. Terret in an unusual race against the ghost of King Tut, Tut at the Yorkton Museum. A Guard Tales adventure.
  • RCMP - Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
  • Railway Workers (C&C and other railways).
  • Red for Danger, Green For Action collects stories 13 to 22 of The Guards and Grey Shadow's adventures.
  • Reginald - a junior booking clerk for the C&C Railway.
  • Rey, Eustace Argentinian / British officer for British Intelligence. Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Gibraltar and Spain. Head of Station Buenos Aires during The Great War. Later Director of Operations, the Americas.
  • River Flumen Shipping Co. - One of the 'big four' of the Yorkton Guild Merchants.
  • Robin Guard - see Guard, Robin
  • Roughston - a less than salubrious, rough town twenty-five miles away or so from Yorkton.
  • Roughston Boys - a gang of violent football supporters who support Roughston Rovers Football Club.

    Royal Space Force (RSF) Her Majesty’s force is a naval / space defence / exploration force, with highly trained personnel and equipment. Including ocean and sea going craft. This series is set in an alternative Victorian Steam Punk era. Members of the RSF include The English Captain, Bo'sun, Sparks and Lieutenant Ashton

  • RSF see the Royal Space Force entry.
  • Rubicon - a Fritzrovian mole buried deep in British Intelligence. First made his presence felt in the Great War and has remained active since the war.
  • Rubins, Doctor - The Guard's medical doctor who patches him after his fights.


  • S. Lander see Lander, S.
  • Santa Claus -
  • St. John, Raymond - a lamplighter who works for the Yorkton City Lighting Dept. Parts of Yorkton are still lit my gas lamps and St. John and his colleagues are responsible for daily lighting, maintaining and extinguishing the gas lights, no matter what the weather is doing. St. John is originally from the tropical island of Jamuda. A part-time, cocky crime fighter, who fights as Flat Cap.

    Scallywag - He thinks he's a gent, but really he's a Scallywag. A masked 'hero' who steals from crooks, under the guise of being a crime-fighter.


    Security (for the English Captain series - Similar to the red shirts on a certain sci-fi TV series, they don’t tend to stay alive very long.

  • Shadow, The Grey - see Grey Shadow, The.
  • Shepley, Arthur (Utility Man Operative, based in Russia, but elsewhere as required).
  • Singh, Mr. Yorkton Station Barber. Moved from India with his wife Deepali to Yorkton in 1920. Eventually opened a barber's shop in the Yorkton Railway station.
  • Single to Hangman's Noose #30 (or Through the Booking Glass Window) A story told from the point of view of Mr. Thackery, a senior booking ticket clerk and his assistant Reginald. During one week, various events unfold, with the main plot of passengers being strangled, by an anonymous murderer.
  • Slog, Captain - (see also the Tranquility Base entry) - The character's full name is Captain Randolph Smyth-Slog, in charge of Tranquility Base. He's a member of the Royal Air Force (RAF).
  • Snider - a a rather un-savoury character who works cons with a sting. He tends to work with his partner Snooker Sam. Snider is regarded as the brawn of the team.
  • Snooker Sam - a rather un-savoury character who works cons with a sting. He tends to work with his partner Snider. Snooker Sam is regarded as the 'brains' of the team.
  • Snow / Christmas stories
  • Snowy Bay - A small town in the province of Northern Ontario, Canada. Corporal McGill of the RCMP and his wife Mary McGill are based there.
  • Snowy Bay Irregulars - Three small children (names not known at present), who live in the small town of Snowy Bay, Northern Ontario, Canada. They act as the 'eyes and ears' for Corporal McGill. They find the injured Guard after he has fallen from a train and are responsible for saving his life. Later the children provide Albert with a clue as to who he is, after he lost his memory as a result of falling from a train.

    Sparks - A mechanical and wires machine, with the ability of basic speech. Sparks main function is to analyse data and provide information. Built by Bo’sun, who regards the machine as one of his greatest achievements. Hopefully Sparks is water proof after being thrown into the River Flumen. This character is a crew member of The English Captain, a series set in an alternative Victorian Steam Punk era.

  • Splash pages (full page).
  • Spot the Difference - AS1
  • Squidman (see also Tranquility Base entry) - A character created by Louise Dade for her Lego brick comic Tranquility Base). - an alien market trader from the east end of the planet Teuthida. Like his Earth counter-parts, Squidman has many of the same qualities (or lack of), as the Earth cockney market traders.
  • Standbury, Rufus - owner of one of the Yorkton Guild Merchants (YGM) big four trading companies, operating out of the Yorkton Docks. Sits on the YGM Committee. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, Rufus inherited the family business. Doesn't like to 'muck in' with his workers. But he is a very astute businessman, much to everyone else's surprise. Owns the River Flumen Shipping Co.
  • Strain, Councillor - has led the Yorkton council for the last two terms. But fails to make it three in a row after losing to Councillor Strong. Heard about in the series, but not actually seen.
  • Strangler, Yorkton - see Yorkton Strangler.
  • Strong, Councillor leader of an opposition party attempting to take control of the council of Yorkton.
  • Suliman - driver and information gatherer for British Intelligence. Based in Cairo, Egypt.


  • Tallon, Sergeant Harry - Inspector Topham's right hand man. Served with Topham in the Great War and joined the railway police force when his former commanding officer did. Tallon is possibly taking bribes, but nothing has been proven, one way or the other.
  • Tallyman, The - a criminal mastermind. No one knows who he is or what he looks like. Those that find out take up permanent residence in a cemetery. Friend and foe though both agree on two things about the Tallyman, a) he is a brilliant criminal and b) he wears black and white two tone shoes. The shoes are the only memorable items anyone ever remembers about him, because of his desire to remain in the shadows. He also has a catch phrase - "Oh, dearie me, yes". Although sometimes he uses just part of the phrase.
  • Tallystick - an automaton enforcer for the Tallyman. The master criminal stumbles upon a Tallystick by accident when a box was delivered to his warehouse accidentally. The Tallyman appears to like the product so much he is in the process of purchasing others. The Guard and Lam faced a version mark one model in the story Click, Whirrrl.
  • Tarek, Inspector - works for the Cairo City Police, Egypt. Is also the unofficial liaison between the Cairo police and British Intelligence.
  • Tarmac Merchants, The (#11) - a story about two conmen Snooker Sam and Snider tarmacing people's driveways (very badly). Their activities come to the attention of The Guard and the police. The story was created in the style of a silent film, in colour.
  • Teddy Boys - Teddy Boys, have no connection with teddy bears and all to do with ‘a British subculture typified by young men wearing clothes that were partly inspired by the styles worn by dandies in the Edwardian Period.’ (Wikipedia). They started to appear on the streets of Britain in the early 1950’s. Clothing included drape jackets reminiscent of the 1940’s American Zoot suits, usually in dark shades, sometimes with a velvet trim collar and high-waist drainpipe trousers. Shoes included polished Oxfords, chunky brogues and crepe-soled shoes, known as brothel creepers. Preferred hairstyles included long, strongly-moulded greased-up hair with a quiff at the front and side combed back to form a duck’s arse at the rear. As well as Teddy Boys, there was also Teddy Girls. There were incidents of fights between rival Teddy Boy gangs, but not all Teddy Boys were into violence.
  • Tench, Lady Judith Famous Yorkton born actress who appeared in the Yorkton panto. Lady Judith Tench was once married to the Naughty Santa Claus actor in real life. It wasn't a successful marriage.
  • Terret, Police Constable - Not much known about his background at present. He's been nicknamed, The Flying Bobby by his colleagues, due to being very fast on his feet. No criminal has yet been able to out run him.
  • Text stories
  • Thackery, Mr. Ira - A senior booking office clerk for the C&C Railway. Murders his wife and puts the blame on another murderer the Strangler who has already killed three people. Mr. Thackery ironically is killed in turn by the Strangler.
  • This is Yorkton a black and white documentary style Guard story that serves to introduce the the series and some of the characters that inhabit its world.
  • Thomsen, Flatfoot - makes an appearance in the disguise of The Guard as he tries to muscle in on one of Minty's criminal schemes. Minty responds by shooting and killing him. Thus briefly believing that he has killed The Guard.
  • Topham, Inspector - The officer in charge of police units at Yorkton Station. Not much is known about him. He fought in the last great war, where it is rumoured he obtained his scar. A strict disciplinarian, he expects his officers to enforce the law according to the book. Unsurprisingly, he's not a great fan of The Guard, but works with the masked hero when it suits him. There is a dark side to the Inspector, possibly as a result fighting in the great war. Sergeant Harry Tallon is his right hand man. The two men are firm friends having meet, served and fought together in the Great War.
  • Toucan - a model of this bird is used as a clue, which allows The Guard to track the Will O' the Wisps gang to Ireland.
  • Touch and Go Volume Four collects stories 33 to 41 of The Guards and Grey Shadow's adventures.
  • Tranquility Base - Another Lego comic created by Louise Dade. The base and some of her characters guest-starred in a Guard story. Several of Louise's characters appeared in the story - Captain Slog; Squidman and Peterson

  • Trewin, Police Constable Francis - A serving police officer with the Jamudian Police Force. Currently on secondment to the Yorkton Railway Police.
  • Trueman, Private - soldier serving in the North Yorktonshire, 1st Battalion, B Company, No.4 Platoon during the Great War. Trueman's character is one of not being that brave, in fact a useless soldier, but a very gifted and talented sniper. Saved Tallon's and Topham's lives in The Patrol story.
  • Twist, I.B.J. - A normal family man, married with two children, one rabbit, a dog and a mortgage. He is the man responsible for Albert and Detective Hudson House's first meeting, due to him being late for work one day. House meets The Guard for the first time later in the same story. I.B.J. Twist is a railway term and stands for Insulated Block Joint.

    Tut Tut, King - the ghost of King Tut, Tut who every three years runs a race against a worthy opponent, (in this case P.C. Terret), to prove that he is still capable of being king.



  • Utility Man Operative, British Intelligence - as the title suggests operatives who do the day to day work for this organisation.


  • Vane, Miles One of those annoying people who are good at everything. (Vane's travelled to the North Pole, won a gold medal at fencing, as well as being good at other sports, a man about town with the ladies and a underwater treasure hunter, are just some his achievements). He's also conceited, vain (like his surname) and pompous. The Guard in an effort to show that Vane is beatable, challenges him to a motorcycle road race around the City of Yorkton. The Yorkton Police are soon chasing both men. The winner of their race is undecided as the police inadvertly block their finishing line. Whistle arrives at the Guardsvan later in the day with a box full of speeding fines, bills for damage to public and police property and a bill from 'Farmer Giles' for a new scarecrow.
  • Velander, Detective 3rd Grade (New Yorkton Central Railway Precinct). Newly promoted junior detective. Worked on The Claw case and incorrectly thought Dan Parker was The Claw. Keen to learn.
  • Vere, Prof De see De Vere, Prof. Florence.
  • Volumes publishing the Guard's and Grey Shadow's adventures


  • Wade, Henry - Head of Wade Electronics, based in New Yorkton. He has been stealing his employee's work by firing them from their jobs. In need of money, Wade becomes The Claw so he can rob banks and use the money to expand his company. Captured by The Grey Shadow, with the help of The Guard.
  • Walsingham - codename for the head of British Intelligence.
  • Westwood - a small town in the wild west of America. Just about still hanging onto the old ways. It's local rag (newspaper), is the Westwood Express.
  • Whistle - An informer for The Guard. A down and out who spends his days drinking and keeping his ears open for titbits of information. Tends to keep to himself and as far as possible to the shadows. Rumoured to live in a disused coach. One side of his face is covered as a result of an incident during the Great War (details unknown at this time), which makes some people uneasy in his presence. At a distance Whistle looks to be well-dressed. But his clothes and hat have seen better days. How The Guard and Whistle came to know one another is not known. He is often to be found sleeping rough covered by copies of The Landan Times newspaper. Prefers sleeping under this newspaper as it provides more protection from the elements, than any of the other gossip rags. Very knowledgeable on many different subjects.

  • Wilberfoss, Molly - retired British Intelligence operative who was a member of an escape line in occupied Europe during the Great War. Met Foxy for the first time when he used the escape line after being shot down. Foxy proposes to her (she accepted), after an altercation with some Teddy Boys on a train journey.
  • Will O' the Wisps gang - a well organised gang of criminals who steal The Coffin Ship painting from the Yorkton Musuem and take it to Ballinabricky, Ireland to sell.
  • Wood Church a small town, near Yorkton.
  • Wood, Lawson - English illustrator, cartoonist and water-colour artist, who drew many humorous paintings and worked on four animated Hollywood films. He drew many humorous cartoons and drawings of cavemen, dinosaurs, policemen and animals, especially a chimpanzee called Gran'pop.
  • Wressle, P.C. - an alias used by District Superindendent Ferriby. Ferriby adopted the disguise so he could retrieve his Best Admin Officer of the Year Award, which has accidentally been thrown out with the rubbish. Wressle is supposedly part of the Yorkton Rural Police.


  • YFDWC - see Yorkton Flumen Docks & Waterways Company.
  • YGM see Yorkton Guild Merchants.
  • Yorkton - an historical city, somewhere in the north-east of England and the headquarters for the City and Country Railway and where most of the stories in this series take place.
  • Yorkton Docks - the area of the city where goods are transported by small ships and barges into and out of Yorkton. In centuries past this area was a bustling hive of activity. By the time of this series, the Docks area is much smaller, but still regarded as a small important trading centre.
  • Yorktonshire Fusiliers, North - see North Yorktonshire Fusiliers.
  • Yorkton Flumen Docks and Waterways Company (YFDWC) - responsible for operating and maintaining the Yorkton Docks. Created in the early 1800's.
  • Yorkton Guild Merchants (YGM) - the association that looks after the interests of the York Docks merchants.
  • Yorkton Mercury - a Yorkton tabloid newspaper and rival to the Yorkton Courier. Current editor is S. Lander.
  • Yorkton Strangler - a character who strangled four people (including Mr. Ira Thackery, a booking clerk for the C & C Railway), before being caught by The Guard. Met his death after attempting to make his escape from The Guard and the police, when he was being transferred from Yorkton to London.
  • appears in -
  • #30 Single to Hangman's Noose.
  • #34 Running Commentary.
  • Yorkton Underground system - The C & C Railway also operates the Yorkton Underground system, known locally as The Mole. Only a few stations are physically undergound. The system has two lines, the City and District and the King's lines. The former line runs roughly north and south, whilst the latter runs east to west. The system was first opened in 1907.


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