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No.36 The Return of the Grey Shadow, part two.

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Story Notes

One of the things I wanted to do in creating stories for this series was to not set myself rigid rules as to the type of stories I could or couldn’t tell. Hence this two party story which is my first attempt at a tragedy style story. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy to write. Realising this, I kept the script as simple as possible and kept the cast as small as I could.

The story before this one Running Commentary, was a trial run for this story in some respects. Although for that story I only had to concentrate on creating the images to accompany the poem. That was the easy part.

By choosing the ending I have for this story I have set myself a challenge of writing a follow up story where Grace has to wrestle with her conscience as to whether she should continue as The Grey Shadow or not. And that story won’t be easy to write either.

The Grey Shadow will return…

In order to set the dark tone for this story I made use of a black background behind the panels on all of the pages for both parts one and two of this tale.

A quick note about the news items on the front page of issue 35. Only the middle two stories were relevant to the storyline. I wanted a main headline that was believable, but had no relevance to the story. The lead story was conceived at about the time that President Obama visited the UK as part of his farewell tour. There was a lot of talk about Britain going to the back of the trade queue as far as the US was concerned, if the UK left Europe. That set me thinking and I came up with the headline that’s on the first page. My stories aren't topical as regards to what is happening in the world today, but on this occasion, my mischievous side got the better of me!

As regular readers know I'm not a big fan of building countryside out of Lego, hence the use of an old wargaming cemetery for the last part of this story. Which I think works rather well and is certainly miles better than anything I could create out of Lego.

This story was written and completed back in April 2016.

Green Lion Comics, story and characters © Adrian Banfield, 2016.