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Story no. 47 - The Future?

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Story Notes

Issues 45 to 47 are quick fire stories, which I consciously attempted to move along at a fast pace. It tells the adventures of The Guard travelling through time and space. As we now know (if you’ve read issues 45 to 47), the plot revolves around the Tallysticks, those automated figures that the Tallyman uses for nefarious purposes. But are they real or is The Guard just dreaming? Does this parallel world really exist? And if so, is it a threat to The Guard’s world?

For the tavern brawl (issue 45), I made use of several swordsman mini-figures to show the flowing action in several scenes. In previous issues I had taken several shots of the one figure in different positions and then positioned the images onto the main photograph to create movement. It never occurred to me until recently, that if I placed two or three identical mini-figures in the scene being shot, I could take just one shot and thereby save myself a lot of time and hassle! Duh!

When I started this series I decided that no zombies, dinosaurs or pirates would appear in this series. (I prefer vampires to zombies and I feel that dinosaurs are overused in that they appear in just about any comic you can think of). However, I have relented on the pirates slightly. I ended up buying a pirate ship at a knock down price, which I really couldn’t ignore. (And I have to say I do like the pirate ship alot. It's a fine model). So issue 46 has a pirate ship in it. This issue is my humble attempt at a steampunk episode. Although I admit it’s not that steampunkish. I would have liked more steampunk style machines, equipment and so on in this story, but time was very much against me. I just didn’t have the time to think about, design and build the necessary machines. The steampunk Tallystick is an adapted Mixel series 5 (41537: Jinky) character. Maybe in the future, I can return to this world with suitable steam punk machines.

Seeing the Future, issue 47 sees a new foe enter the frame, an evil, robotic Guard. This issue is set at night, so involved quite a bit of setting up of lights and taking multiple shots at different settings, until I had a shot I was happy with. A mysterious figure fills in the missing gaps for our hero, before he’s finds himself back in his own time. But will The Guard remember or not? Assuming these adventures are not a dream.

So, after forty-seven issues all of the building blocks are now in place, all of my ducks are in a row and the field is now clear for issues 48 to 50, The Fall of The Guard storyline. Set to run through the autumn and it all starts next month in September 2017.

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