Countdown to Oblivion.

A Victor comic strip.

Writer:- The Victor editorial team. Artist:- Kearon (or possibly another artist copying Kearon's style).

See The Victor issues 1264 - 1272.

Main cast:- Captain Dan Gordon, Special Sir Service (S.A.S.); Lieutenant Peter Farrell, S.A.S.; Sergeant Brad Wiley, U.S. Green Berets; Kamal Tulun, Turkish Army; Lieutenant Heinz Loebel, Germany (just for once, the Germans are not the enemy); British pilot, Tom Blair).

Time period:- mid-1980's's.

In this tense adventure Black Brigade terrorists have hijacked a Jumbo Jet with 400 people aboard and land in a country opposed to the West. They demand the release of their jailed leader in return for the lives of the passengers. Failure to do so will mean the destruction of the plane and all aboard. A special North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) team under the command of Captain Dan Gordon of the S.A.S. is sent dropped by helicopter in an attempt to rescue the hostages. They have just thirty-six hours to complete their mission.

But it isn't going to be a straight forward locate and rescue mission for the team. They run into problems within minutes of landing in the desert, having to rescue and then carry a wounded man. Tensions are also rising on the areoplane, with a couple of the passengers planning an escape and the terrorist hi-jackers starting to get twitchy. And there are unanswered questions such as who is that eldery man and why is he clutching his briefcase so tightly?

The Victor by the 1980's was a different comic from its earlier days. But it was reflecting the events of the 1980's in its stories, as this series shows. There was though no change in how the story was told, that is, the story was mainly plot driven. There was an interesting subplot in the personal feud between two of the characters, Gordon and Farrell.

The artwork is in the style of Kearon, but I don't think he drew this series. Kearon had many imitators and possibly one of them drew the artwork for this series. Further episodes to be uploaded during summer 2011.

The following adventures of the NATO force are from issues 1264 and 1265.

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