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Guard Story No.12 - - A Brief History of the City and Country (C&C) Railway. A text story, (with three pictures).

***Please note that I am using a standard thumbnail image for all the full size pictures on this page. This is purely being done to save myself sometime.***

Note - please read the story below, left to right, row by row.

story © Adrian Banfield
Page one
story © Adrian Banfield
Page two
story © Adrian Banfield
Page three

Not to much to say about this story. I want to provide some background information on different subjects for the series and one of the ways to do this is via text stories (with a few images). In this way I can provide a lot of information. It was fun writing it. The biggest challenge was in ensuring that I got all my dates and information correct and that they mirrored the facts that had already been published in the stories. One example where I had to make a change was in changing the course of the River Flumen, on the Yorkton City map so it ran through the city as opposed to down one side of the city walls. This was necessary as the docks area of Yorkton is inside the city walls. Hopefully, I haven't missed anything else!

The three images accompanying the story, all tell a mini story.

text © Adrian Banfield, 2015; artwork © D.C. Thomson Co. Ltd.