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Guard Story No.6 - - Prison Blues. In which Minty and another prisoner discuss The Guard. (Published Jan. 2014).

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story © Adrian Banfield
page one.
story © Adrian Banfield
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This short, short story launches a mini-series of stories about The Guard, supporting characters and events in the Guard's world. (The Guard won't always be appearing or be the centre of every story). In effect providing background information that isn't included in the main stories. For example, we'll find out how McGill meet Mary and what Albert did during the Great War and so on.

This short, short story serves as a way of 'building up' The Guards abilities, knowledge and the fear he creates in criminals. The title wording is incorporated inside a British Railway hot-dog shaped station sign, known sometimes as 'totems'. The sign was introduced in 1948 when the big four railway companies (London North Eastern Railway (LNER); Southern Railway (SR); Great Western Railway (GWR) and the London & Midland Scottish Railway (LMS) were combined to form British Railways. The 'totem' station platform sign was one of the new corporate images for the new company. Different colours were used for different areas of the country.

I quite like the idea of placing the story title within a station platform sign. I may use other iconic platform signs from other countries in future stories in this series.

Unsurprisingly, this story didn't take long to put together. I was determined though to keep the story at two pages in length. Which is what other Guard Tales stories will also be. I racked my brains to try and come up with a catchy title for this mini-series. But all that came to mind was Guard Tales. Still, it does the job.

text © Adrian Banfield, 2015; artwork © D.C. Thomson Co. Ltd.